Terry Bradshaw TTM Success

Terry Bradshaw TTM Success

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  • Sent: 12/7/2017 | Received: 1/26/18 | 49 Days
  • ’82 Topps
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The Story of the Autograph

I’m not sure there’s too much about Terry Bradshaw that I could tell you that you might not already know. The guys has been in the public eye since the 70’s. It started with football, then moved to TV, and then movies. So since I’m posting this on Super Bowl Sunday, I think I’m going to stick with his Super Bowl feats.

Terry played quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1970-1983. He’s a four-time Super Bowl champion (IX, X, XIII, XIV) and was MVP of two of those Super Bowls (XII, XIV). It’s actually pretty crazy to look back at his stats for the four Super Bowls he played in and see the difference in how he was used. The first two Super Bowls were lower scoring and Terry attempted less than 20 passes. He threw for less than 100 yards in the first. But the second two were 300+ yard games where he attempted more then 20 passes.

Super Bowl IX

Played in Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, LA (which must have been awesome for Terry as someone who is from Louisiana). The Steelers played the Vikings and won 16-6. The game was actually supposed to be played in the Superdome but wasn’t because the dome wasn’t finished yet. That was key factor as the rain the night before and colder temperatures made the field slick. This was actually the last inclement weather game for 30 years.

Both teams had great defenses so score would be at a premium. And because of the field conditions, the running game was a big factor. The scoring actually started out with a safety for the Steelers. With the game at 2-0 at halftime, it was the lowest halftime score in Super Bowl history. Franco Harris would be the MVP of the game with 158 yards (a record at the time) and a touchdown. Terry would throw only 14 passes and complete nine of them for a grand total of… 96 yards. That’s for the game (so different than these days). He did throw a short touchdown pass though.

Super Bowl X

This time the Steelers played the Cowboys in The Orange Bowl in Miami, FL. Both teams were really run-based offenses, but it was Lynn Swann who made some amazing plays who ended up as the MVP. Basically it was the Steelers D and Swann that took the game. There were only two penalties called all game and they were both against the Cowboys (which also seems so different from today’s game). On a trick play for the opening kickoff, the Steelers kicker had to make a tackle and would end up injuring himself and impact his kicking.

The Steelers were down 10-7 in the fourth quarter where they again got a safety. They would end up leading 21-10 and then have to hold off a crazy comeback to win 21-17. Swan had 161 yard receiving with a touchdown. Terry would again throw less than 20 passes with 19 attempts and he completed 9 of them for 209 yards. He would set the record for the highest passer rating with 122.5.

Super Bowl XIII

This was a rematch of Super Bowl X between the Steelers and the Cowboys and the game was again played in Miami at the Orange Bowl. Both teams had great defenses and each team made mistakes that the other team took advantage of. But in the end Dallas couldn’t overcome theirs in the second half.

Pittsburgh ended up winning 35-31. Aside from a few minutes in the second quarter they led the whole game. But after going down by 18 points in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys brought it back to within four and ultimately ran out of time on their comeback bid. Terry won the MVP by throwing for 318 yards on 17/30 passing. He threw four touchdowns and one interception for a 119.2 passer rating. Lynn Swann and John Stallworth went over 100 yards receiving for the game with Swann catching one TD pass and Stallworth two.

Super Bowl XIV

This time the Steelers headed far to the west to play in the Rose Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams were the underdog (of course) after having the worst record for a Super Bowl participant at 9-7 (later tied by other teams). But the Steelers of course were still a juggernaut at 12-4 in the regular season. But despite that, the Rams actually led 13-10 at halftime and 19-17 heading into the fourth quarter. And even though the game ended up a double digit win, it was a very competitive Super Bowl with the lead changing seven times.

Terry was again great in the end and the Steelers pullout the game in the fourth quarter after John Stallworth caught a 73 yard touchdown pass and Franco Harris ran one in from the one yard line with less than two minutes left in the game. Terry was 14-for-21 for 309 yards. He had two touchdown passes, but also had three interceptions He still won the MVP for the game.

Terry is one of the best winners of all time and was part of that Steelers group that cemented their place in the history of the NFL as one of the best teams ever.

The Score on Terry Bradshaw – 7.5

BraveSTARR Score LogoBraveSTARR Score 7.5

I like Terry’s autograph a lot. The positives are that he uses a great pen, it’s big on the card (more on that later) and he it’s a classic signature in that you can actually read it. I was just talking to my kids the other day about different autographs I like and that I tend to like the ones that anyone can identify and read. My only issue is that he signs it sideways. I’m not always a fan of that. However, I am going to make the argument on this card that it provides him the best space to make it as large as he can.

Thanks Mr. Bradshaw. This one gets a 7.5.


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Information gathered using Wikipedia and Pro Football Reference.

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