About Me

Hi, I’m Bill. I’m 40 (…something) and I’ve collected cards on-and-off throughout my life. I loved collecting as a kid. I would collect any kind of card I could get my hands on, but as I got into my teens my interested waned. In the last 10 years or so I’ve gotten back into collecting cards with a vengeance. Thankfully my original collection didn’t go the way of previous generations… from the attic to the trash.

For me, there’s a pleasure I get from the organization, a satisfaction I get from completing a set or a collecting goal, and an appreciation of the art of the cards. I’ve learned to do whatever I can in a DIY fashion if possible: boxes, dividers, etc.. Over the years I’ve learned to share my experiences with kids and adults alike and help them to find ways to improve or enhance their collections and how they collect it. There something about a brand new collection that gets me excited for my own cards all over again.

There are so many ways to collect, organize, and have fun with your collection that there is no right way to do anything with regard to collecting. I only offer my experiences as a collector: from the lessons learned about organizing your collection and prioritizing what you collect, to the ups-and-downs of autograph through the mail. There are so many ways to personalize your collecting experience.

Maybe something within these pages inspires you to do something new with your collection. Maybe it reinvigorates your collecting blood and gets you back in the game. Whatever you find, have fun with it!

Here’s a little more about who I am as a collector:

  • My Favorite Sport:  Baseball
  • My Favorite Teams:
    • Baseball:  New York Mets
    • Football:  New York Giants
    • Hockey:  New York Rangers
    • Basketball:  (TBD… I’m currently trying to ween myself off of the Knicks until James Dolan is gone)
    • Soccer:  New York Red Bulls, Everton, PSG, Barcelona, Dortmund
  • My Favorite Autographs:
    • Stephen Colbert SI
    • Jose Reyes Card
    • Ulti-Met Week Baseball / Book
    • Dirk Nowitzki Card/SI
  • My Favorite Memorabilia:
    • ’69 Mets NL Pennant
    • ’73 Mets NL Pennant
    • Bill Robinson Fungo Bat