September 2017 TTM Failures

Another pretty successful month. I received 31 returns and only 5 came back unsigned, well, maybe 4. It depends on what you consider success I guess.

I got back Juan Nieves and this goes back to a mistake I made with Brad Ziegler as well. I sent to the old Marlins address. That darn Excel auto-fill got me. I think I sent it back out when I had the chance though. We’ll see what happened.

Melvin Upton came back and I should have known. I tried to send to him while he was on a minor league team. He got called up, but really he wasn’t going to sign TTM anyway. He never has but I took a try.

Miguel Cabrera sent back an SI I sent him along with a nice flyer. Well, the flyer looked nice, but when it asks you for $250 plus more for inscriptions. I know he’s a Triple Crown winner, but I’m not definitely down with that. It has to be the most I’ve ever been asked to pay.

John Farrell returned with a note that he doesn’t sign and all that. It was addressed to a name close to mine, but not mine.

And lastly I got Peyton Manning back. This is my half success as he sent a signed card back but did not sign the magazine.