November 2017 TTM Failures

November was a pretty successful month as far as the percentage I got back, but it felt a little lesser to other months. I think the reason behind that is that I started to focus a little more on current football players during the season. I think I also took some more shots at guys that might not sign, or might take a while to sign.

I only got back five failures out of 30 total returns (of course I sent out a bunch). Four of my five failures were address issues, but I was pretty sure three of them were going to be successful. Alan Zinter was one I was using an old address for and kind of guessing on. But Jamie Quirk, Bernie Carbo, and Reggie Jefferson were more recent addresses I picked up. I either did something wrong or got some bad data. I’m going to try to re-send those last three if I can figure out what I did wrong on the address.

The last one I got back was from Ben Roethlisberger. This was a true return. He returned a Sports Illustrated with a postcard that talked about his family and charity and that’s it. Again, that was kind¬†of leap I’ve been taking this fall.

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