May 2017 TTM Failures

The failures this month are of two Sports Illustrated magazines. Both were somewhat on a wing and a prayer. In fact, I barely had an address for one.

I sent the American Pharaoh 6/15/15 cover to Bob Baffert (the horse’s trainer). Unfortunately there really isn’t a good way to get an address for Bob. I’m trying something with a jockey for another horse and if that works out I may resend this. My research for Bob’s address didn’t turn up much. I could only get a street name and city. That was either not enough or maybe he’s moved.

The other return I got was from Kate Upton. This was her 10/7/13 cover with the Upton brothers where they were all in Atlanta Braves uniforms. I’ve sent to both the Upton brothers with no luck so I thought Kate would be the more interesting/quirky part of the magazine if I could get it. According to my research I sent to what might be her management, but no love there.

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