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  • ’81 Topps
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The Story of the Autograph

Joe Washington played running back in the NFL from 1976 through 1985. During that time he played with the Chargers, Colts, Redskins, and Falcons. He was a good runner but also caught a lot of balls for a running back. Statistically his best years were probably with the Colts, but he went to two Super Bowls with the Redskins and won one of them.

Joe went to Oklahoma and had a great career as a Sooner. He was a two-time First-team All-American and was in the top five of the Heisman voting twice (1974 and 1975). He finished his career with over 4,000 yards and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. After that great college career he was drafted fourth overall by the Chargers in 1976.

He didn’t do too much for the Chargers and in 1978 he was traded to the Baltimore Colts. That’s where Joe would find his groove in the NFL. 1978 would be his closest attempt at a 1,000 yard season and he would end the year with 956 yards rushing. In that 1978 season he would produce a pretty great feat. Against the Patriots he would throw, catch and return a kickoff for a touchdown. And to add to that special achievement, his final touchdown brock the tie and was ultimately the winning score. In the final seconds of the game he returned a kickoff 90-yards for a touchdown in a driving rainstorm.

1979 was his greatest individual season. He would make the Pro Bowl after rushing for 884 yards and leading the league in receptions with 82 and adding 750 yards receiving. He would have seven total touchdowns that year.

From what I can see, Joe was pretty particular about his equipment. During the 1982 season with the Redskins he was the only player who did not where the same helmet as the team. During that year the ‘Skins has the feathers tucked under the circle in their logo, but Joe has the same helmet as the year prior. That was the only year they wore the “tucked” logo.

The Score on Joe Washington – 7.0

BraveSTARR Score LogoBraveSTARR Score 7

Joe has a pretty solid autograph style-wise. You can pick out that it’s his name and there are some pieces of it that have a cool style, like the end of the “W” and the transition from the “g” to the “t”. But the best thing about Joe’s autograph is that he uses the space. This auto is huge. Yes, he signs across his face, but I’ll take it based on the fact that it’s a portrait type of card. Plus he uses a great marker. I know that sounds like a simple thing, but it really goes a long way to making an autograph look good.

Thanks Mr. Washington! This one gets a 7.


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Information gathered using Wikipedia and Pro Football Reference.

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