Breaking Blasters: Double Re-Pack Special

I love opening up a re-pack every once in a while. Usually it’s a great way to get some old cards for TTMs and maybe fill a couple holes in a set or two. They’re usually great for some oddball cards as well. You can see by the stacks I have below, they are ripe with cards from the junk wax era, but that’s not necessarily a problem for me.

I opened two re-packs that came in the plastic boxes and each included two packs. I tried to avoid the “Babe Ruth Collection” packs, but since I got two I couldn’t really do that. However, these had a bunch of things that I, in particular, happened to be interested in.

Can you guess the piles/years for junk wax?

The Packs and the Hit

I’m not a fan of the Panini Prizm Draft Picks packs, but you are pretty much guaranteed to get one of those packs in these “Card Cubes” so it’s touch to avoid. Normally I can’t really identify any of them. But in this case they were easily identifiable. This should have been the first sign that I would like these blocks as Michael Conforto was in the first pack. Awesome! I love MC Hammer! Then in the second, Trea Turner! I don’t like the Nats, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize a good card of what looks like will be a great player.

The “Card Cube” boasts that “Every Other Cube Contains An Autograph or Relic Card.” In this case that was the Kellin Deglan Bowman Chrome autograph. This is usually the type of level for a hit you can expect in cubes like this.

I Ain’t Mad At These Either

Pulling a few rookies of big name players is always nice. So seeing Machado, Bogaerts and Tanaka was great. I actually didn’t do much collecting in 2014 and 2015 so it was nice to see some things from that year anyway. Then the 2017 Topps Chrome Pink Jose Bautista wasn’t too bad either. For it to be “The Bat Flip” was even better. Most cards in a set don’t get to depict a “moment” like that. It’s awesome when they do and then for it to be Chrome and Pink that’s pretty much gravy.

So It’s a Mets Cube

I opened two cubes, but I think, but of the 24 cards in the image above, I swear at least 20 of them came out of one of the cubes. That’s something you might notice about these types of cubes. There are times when you get a run on a player or a team like this. It just never seems to be mine.

But that’s not all…

Hojo Mojo!

All these “HoJos” came out of one cube! I used to love Howard Johnson. I was a little kid and he did dome good stuff for my team. He might have been the first player that I kind of hooked on to. I’m sure that the nickname had something to do with it too.

This is What I’m Looking For

The will be perfect for TTMs. I love how they all happen to be from 1987 Donruss. I know all these guys sign, but I think a couple of them I’ve gotten from team addresses where they were coaches. Hopefully I still have some good addresses for them.

Other Interesting Stuff

The Mickey Stanley was by far the oldest card I got out of the cube. I feel like normally there are a couple more from the 70’s but no such luck in these. Actually, that card has a crease in it so who knows where it was before it made it to the cube. The 1987 Leaf is interesting as I don’t think I have any of those in my collection. I knew it existed but sometimes you just miss that stuff. I thought it was funny because of how much ’87 Donruss I got. Lastly, I’m no Yankee fan, but Bernie is a good dude. I like those old Black Diamond cards too and I think it’s just an overall good looking cards.

This Was A Baseball Box Right?

I told you they are good for some oddballs. I like me some Pat Ewing. Clyde Frazier would have said that cube was a “Ewing Doing.”

Overall, these were good filler cubes and I got some stuff I could actually use out of them. I’ve been into football for a few months so seeing these baseball cards kind of inspires me for Spring Training (even more than I already am) and to get back into sending some old baseball cards out.

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