August 2017 TTM Failures

I had a lot going out this month. I’ve been trying to get out some current coaches, players and TV personalities because they will only be around for about a month more at the MLB level. I’m sure my percentage for that is not very good. But from a successful return to failure return perspective, August was a good month with 23 total returns and 19 coming back successful. That means only 4 were failures.

Most of my failures were on my part. Brad Ziegler and Adeiny Hechavarria came back to me and I realized that I used the wrong address. I let my Excel spreadsheet autofill I think and I used the old Marlins address. RRRR! That’s a few stamps down the toilet.

Another return I had was from Pete Incaviglia. This was another problem on my part. I sent to the independent minor league team he coached for and they don’t even exist anymore. So stupid! I should know better than that.

The last return was from Tom Gorzelanny. I had gotten TTMs from him before, but this time he returned them from the Las Vegas 51s. I was trying to send out to some players I had cards for in the minors on that one.