Steve Bono TTM Success

Steve Bono TTM Success

TTM Stats

  • Sent: 12/27/2017 | Received: 1/6/18 | 9 Days
  • ’93 Wild Card
  • Address: Home

The Story of the Autograph

Steve Bono played quarterback in the NFL from 1985 through 199 with seven team: Vikings, Steelers, 49ers, Chiefs, Packers, Rams, and Panthers. Most of his time in the NFL was spent as a second string or sometimes third string quarterback. Sometimes those were middling quarterbacks ahead of him, but in other situations they were all-time greats. When Steve did get his chances he tended to take advantage of them while he could.

Steve went to UCLA and was chose by the Vikings in the 1985 NFL Draft with the 142nd pick (6th Round). He spent the first two years of his career as a third string QB behind Tommy Kramer and Wade Wilson and only appeared in two games. In 1987, after being put on waivers and signed by the Steelers, he went to Pittsburgh. This time he appear in five games over two season and got his first start on October 4, 1987. In 1988 he again became a free agent.

Bono signed with the 49ers in the summer of 1989 and would begin his longest stint with any one team – five season (1989-1993). The first years in San Francisco were behind both Joe Montana and Steve Young. Later, when Montana was injured and later left for Kansas City, Bono moved up to the second-string QB. Steve Young was injured in the middle of 1991 and Bono stepped in to go 5-1 as a starter and finish fourth in passer rating behind Young, Jim Kelly and Mark Rypien. He would return to his backup role for the rest of his time in San Francisco.

The 49ers traded Steve to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1994 and he found himself in a familiar position, backing up Joe Montana. But Montana retired in 1995 and Steve took over as the starter for the next two years. In 1995 he would lead the Chiefs to a 13-3 record and a division title and would be selected to the Pro Bowl. That year Bono had the longest run for a touchdown by a quarterback at the time – 76 yards! When I think of Steve Bono, a runner is the last thing I would think of him as.

Then in 1997, Kansas City went with Elvis Grbac as their starter. Bono would move on to backup Brett Favre in Green Bay in 1997, battle for time with Tony Bank in St. Louis in 1998, and Beuerlein in Carolina in 1999.

While most of his career was spent as a back up, he got a Super Bowl ring while with the 49ers and a Pro Bowl selection with the Chiefs. He was also named the AFC Player of the Year while with Kansas City in 1995

The Score on Steve Bono – 5.0

BraveSTARR Score LogoBraveSTARR Score 5

Steve has a solid autograph, but nothing super notable. I think my issue with this one is more to do with the card and the color of the marker. I think a black marker would have looked great on this one. Maybe I will try to find another card to send him, although I think this was the only one I had. In the end, all that is probably nitpicking. The autograph is done with a good marker and its a pretty good size overall.

Thanks Mr. Bono! It’s a solid return and I give it a 5.


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