June 2017 TTM Failures

I had a lot of success this month, but I did get a few back that were unsuccessful.

The first I got back was Kawhi Leonard who I sent a Sports Illustrated to. He did sent a letter that while looking form-ish was actually pretty nice. It was the usual “I don’t sign through the mail, but I appreciate your interest in my career” type of thing. I always appreciate those instead of just a return. It means there is still effort in the interaction even if they aren’t going to sign for you. Good on you Kawhi!

The second I got back was Michael Sam. This was a Sports Illustrated as well. The management company that I sent to is no longer representing him and they wrote on the back of my letter to tell me that and sent back the magazine. Again, I love this type of practice too. They don’t need to do that, but they are still putting the effort in. I’m keeping this one around in case I find another address down the line.

I also received Mike Devereaux, formerly of the Baltimore Orioles. He now coaches for the Boise Hawks minor league team. He sent back the cards unsigned in my return envelope. I take him off of my attempt list.

Jerry West also was a return. I was kind of worried about this one as I was sending with my fingers crossed to the Warriors. He actually just went to work with the Los Angeles Clippers. But he returned the Sports Illustrated I sent with a picture of him. There was a signature on it but it was just part of the picture. I might keep it and try to send to the Clippers.

I was on vacation for a few days at the ends of the month and came back to a Steve Balboni Return to Sender Unable to Forward sticker. Oh well, I must have a bad address. Connor McGregor was also returned with an Attempt Not Known message from the Postal Service. I had a couple addresses for his management (which I sent to because his gym website advised that), so I might just try another address.

While that’s a lot of returns, 20 of the 26 pieces of mail I got back were successes for June. That’s a pretty successful month.

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