July 2017 TTM Failures

July was a month for some bad addresses and then some out and out returns.

I sent something to Juan Berenguer, who has signed in the past, but it looks like now he works with Past Pros. They have site where they charge you to get the address and then you send it off. It seems likes it affordable, but I can’t say that for me all of the names I saw were worth the effort. But I did find a few I’d be interested in. I could at least go through the list and figure out who not to waste a stamp on.

There were a few out-and-out returns.  Sparky Lyle just returned my cards in the SASE envelope. Harold Baines looks like he had a White Sox staffer but my envelope in a bigger envelope and send it back. Saves me the SASE for someone else which I like. Jim Abbott returned to me and it looks like the address I sent to had it sent back with an “Attempt Not Known.”  Others had been successful lately so I’m not sure what’s going on there. And lastly, Bartolo Colon came back to me from the Braves since they let him go.  That was definitely a “Return to Sender” situation. But again, saves me the SASE for another one.

The other return I got was from Elvis Andrus. He returned the cards and included a kind of “post card” type of card of him, but nothing signed.

I got the SI I sent to Simone Biles back as well. I found the correct address and got that one back out to her.

Overall, six cards and one Sports Illustrated came back. That goes against 11 successes (two of which are my first current baseball players since Spring Training).

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