Joe Morgan TTM Success

Joe Morgan TTM Success

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  • Sent: 10/27/17 | Received: 11/3/17 | 6 Days
  • ’89 Topps, ’91 Topps
  • Address: Home

The Story of the Autograph

Joe Morgan played in the early 60’s and later on managed the Red Sox from 1988 through 1991. What I think is great about Joe is that he basically got a chance to work for his hometown team. He’s from Walpole, Massachusetts, graduated from Walpole High School and still lives there today. He also went to Boston College where he played hockey (pretty well too) and baseball. After college he signed with what were then the Boston Braves.

Joe spent the vast majority of his playing days in the minors. In 13 seasons, he only made it to the Bigs with five teams (Braves, Athletics, Phillies, Indians, and Cardinals) for 88 games. He had two major league home runs and they cam in a two-week period for the Indians. But in the minors he was named MVP of the Triple-A International League in 1964 while playing for the Jacksonville Suns.

Joe was also a coach and a manager in the Pirates organization and the Red Sox organization before coming up to the Red Sox in 1988 when he replaced John McNamara during the All-Star break. That year he was only supposed to be the interim manager as the team interviewed higher profile candidates (Joe Torre and Lou Pinella included who were both under contract with other clubs). The Red Sox won their first 12 games under Joe and they named him the permanent manager after that “Morgan Magic” period. The Sox ended up winning the AL East but where swept by Oakland in the ALCS. They did the same thing again in 1990. Because of this Mr. Morgan holds the record for managing a team to eight straight postseason losses.

In 1991, Morgan led the team to a second-place finish but was fired as the end of the season with a year still left on his contract. He let it be known that “this team just isn’t that good” when he left. He was right. The next year the Sox finished last in the AL East.

Joe Morgan is a popular person in Boston despite the winless playoff record. He’s referred to as “Walpole Joe” and “Turnpike Joe” (because he would drive a snowplow on the Mass Turnpike while in the minors to make some extra money). But they have a special place in their hearts for a native son with a .535 managerial record for the hometown Red Sox.

The Score on Joe Morgan – 4.0

BraveSTARR Score LogoBraveSTARR Score 4

I think this is the fastest I’ve gotten anything back all year! Joe has a good autographs but the consistency is a problem on these. The ’89 Topps is great, the ’91 Topps on the other hand has a bit of an issue on the “M” and then the end of this last name. Joe’s 86 and you can see it a little in his signature, but that’s probably the reason for that big swing in the “M”. The marker is OK on this one too, but it’s not super strong. It actually makes me wonder if he used a Sharpie.

Thanks Mr. Morgan. I’m giving these a 4.

Joe Morgan TTM Success


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