January 2018 TTM Failures

This was an amazing start for 2018. It was one of the better months that I’ve had since I got back into TTMs. Overall I had 32 returns for the month and in those returns were 80 cards. I had one day with six successful returns and two other days with four successful returns each. Since I’ve been mostly into sending football out that made up the majority of the returns. But this month I think a few more baseball returns came back than I thought would. Those were nice to see, especially with Spring Training coming soon.

As for the failures I had, there were four total for the month. My first didn’t come until most of the way through the month (the 20th). That was from JuJu Smith-Schuster. I think anybody who go him early got a good one. He has a great signature and it looked like he signed a lot. I don’t know if it mattered where you sent, but I got a return back from the Steelers with a picture and others did as well. I guess I missed the boat on that one.

My other three were from Michael Walter, Dalton Hilliard and Ernest Givens. I would bet I just picked up an old address for all those as they were all RTS. Back to research for those.

February will be a big month for things going out with Spring Training on the way. I sent my first group out today and there will be more next week. I have a feeling February might be a little slim on success based on the types of things I am sending out. We’ll see. I’m crossing my fingers.

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