Collin Klein TTM Success

Collin Klein TTM Success

TTM Stats

  • Sent: 6/16/17 | Received: 6/27/17 | 11 Days
  • Sports Illustrated 11/19/2012
  • Address: Kansas State University

The Story of the Autograph

Collin Klein attended Kansas State University from 2008-12 and played Quarterback (but started as a Wide Receiver). 2012 was amazing year for Collin and the Wildcats and Collin won the Big12 Offensive POY and the Big12 Athlete of the Year awards. He currently coaches for the Wildcats. He never really made it in professional football either in the NFL or the CFL. But his Junior and Senior years were pretty great (3000+ yards of total offense both years).

The Score on Collin Klein – 7

BraveSTARR Score LogoBraveSTARR Score 7

Holy big signatures Batman! I love it. It’s not the cleanest I’ve ever seen and this is a somewhat busy item, but this might be the biggest one I’ve ever gotten on a Sports Illustrated before. You go Collin!

Givin’ this one a 7.


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