Card Thoughts: Can You Hear Me Now?

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I’ve been slowly going through a flea market purchase and in one of the boxes the guy just threw in for free has been some mid-90’s excellence (I guess it’s excellence..). Something kind of stuck out to me as I went through a couple different manufacturers and a couple different year. These guys happened to have things stuck to their heads.

1997 Donruss Brett Butler

They F#$% You With the Cell Phones

Geez Kid, put down your cell phone. Leave it to those millenials to be on their phone constantly… wait a minute! That ain’t no kid. It’s Brett Butler. And that ain’t no phone it’s a giant, well no, it is a phone. Great googily moogily that thing is a brick and a half. I’m guessing the reception is terrible because he has his finger up to his other ear.

I went through at least three sets from the mid-90’s and in every one I saw at least one cell phone picture. I think ’94 Upper Deck even had two although one might have been a picture on the back. I’ll have to check back through that stack.

While We’re Here, Some TTM Success

In the year 8 P.B. (Pre Blog – that’s 2009 on your standard calendar, I got back these two early 90’s cards with some ink on them. This was actually my 7th TTM success ever! At the time I was at a 50% clip in returns (not counting the stuff you never get back). Unfortunately the address from back then never hit again.

Brett Butler TTM SuccessBrett has a quite a tiny signature. It’s very compact, kind of like him I guess. Thanks for being one of the first for me Mr. Butler!